Support Hjartaheill

HJARTAHEILL stendur nú að söfnun til ármögnunar á fræðslu- og forvarnarverkefnum í málefnum endurlífgunar.

HJARTAHEILL is asking the public and companies in the country for support. Let’s join the Hjartaheill collection in the fight against the most dangerous disease of the 21st century – heart disease – see Hjartaheill is raising money to fund resuscitation, education and prevention.

You can provide your support:
With payment in online banking, ISK 3,500 or more or less.
By bank transfer: 0513 26 1600, ID number is: 511083 0369.
By calling 903 7100, you support the project by ISK 3,500.
By paying an optional payment in online banking.