The Icelandic Association of Heart Patients, Hjartaheill, was founded in 1983 by 230 members. Now in the year 2011 the members total 3800. There are 11 departments within the National Association.


At present, our main tasks are in the field of rehabilitation and the prevention of heart diseases. We have frequently supported financially the purchase of medical equipment as well as training equipment for patients.


The main fund raising is by selling of Christmas cards, membership fees and badges every other year.


The Association runs a well equipped rehabilitation center in Reykjavík in cooperation with other organizations HL – heart and lung training centre where about 400 patients are given opportunities for daily rehabilitation and permanent physical training programms.


The Association has published booklets and also taken part in the production of a video on heart surgery, the main theme being the well being of the patient.


Our magazine, VELFERÐ, is issued 2 – 3 times a year. The Association is a member of SÍBS, The Icelandic Association of Tuberculosis and Chest Patients. SÍBS is a member of ÖBÍ, The Organization of Disabled in Iceland. 


Our headquarters are at: Síðumúla 6, 108 Reykjavík

Tel: +354  552 5744 Fax: +354 562 5744

E-mail: hjartaheill@hjartaheill.is/old

Homepage https://hjartaheill.is/old/


The Icelandic Association of Heart Patients

The Icelandic Association of Heart Patients, Hjartaheill, was formally established 8th October 1983 by 230 founding members. In the first year, the Association started implementing its fundraising policy in order to buy various equipment for the Heart Department of the National Hospital. Presents were also received but the first Association flag sale was organized in 1985 and since then Association flags have been sold every two years. The profits of this have been used among other things, to support the Department of Heart Surgery at the National Hospital, The Rehabilitation Centre for Heart Patients at Reykjalundur, HL (Heart and Lungs) Training Centre in Reykjavík and also to buy a flat for patients from the countryside who seek medical treatment in Reykjavík. Hjartaheill has, in the twenty years since it was established, given equipment for about 400 million Icelandic krónur at present value (ca. $5,4 million). The Association has also published and sold Christmas cards as well as selling advertising space in the Hjartaheill journal, VELFERÐ, both with considerable profits.


The Association’s main goals are:

– To unite all members in their endeavour to protect and advance the general  interests of  all heart patients. 

– To improve general health service and social conditions and facilities for heart patients. 

– To raise funds for general welfare of eart patients and to fulfil the main objectives of the Association. 

– To support research and education in the field of heart diseases. 

– To improve facilities and medical equipment in hospitals for research and treatment of heart diseases and to create proper conditions for rehabilitation. 

– To provide heart patients with information on their social rights, e.g. taxation, financial support, insurance, pension, medical treatment abroad etc.


The board of Hjartaheill decided in the beginning of 1987 to plan the opening of a well equipped training and rehabilitation centre in Reykjavík. This was done in cooperation with the Icelandic Heart Association and SÍBS (The Icelandic Association of Tuberculosis and Chest Patients). The HL Centre is an independent institution with three main objectives. It provides:

a) Facilities for rehabilitation after hospital treatment.

b) Facilities for general training.

c) General counselling, instruction and information.

The HL Centre provides training and rehabilitation facilities for four hundred heart patients. HL centres have been opened in 14 other places in the country.


Membership of SÍBS, The Icelandic Association of Tuberculosis and Chest Patients. Hjartaheill became a full member of SÍBS in 1992 and at the same time through SÍBS a member of The Organization of Disabled in Iceland.


Hjartaheill organizes a general congress every third year where the main objectives and policies of the Association are discussed and resolutions made. The present Chairman of Hjartaheill is Mr. Guðmundur Bjarnason and Vice- Chairman is Mr. Sveinn Guðmundsson.


As a result of structural changes of Hjartaheill made at its annual meeting in 1990, 10 local branches were founded. The eleventh branch, the support group for children with heart diseases, formally became member of Hjartaheill in 1996. Members of Hjartaheill today are 3590.


VELFERÐ ‘Welfare’ The Hjartaheill journal is published 2 – 3 times a year. It is mailed free of charge to all members of Hjartaheill, also to all hospitals and health centres in the country.

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